I am Marlies du Mosch, composer/pianist.

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Enchantment. The feeling of enchantment brings you in another world where you can dream away.

When André Heuvelman asked me to compose an album for him I tried to put myself in his place the way he knows to touch people as a trumpet player.

The first thing I did was looking for silence in the city. That may be contradictory when you live in a vibrant city as Rotterdam. Nevertheless you can find stillness here and be connected to the grand scheme in the mean time.

A composition can get started from one single note or be inspired by the sound of a bird, but I’m sure the buzz of the city can be heard as well.
Not only is the playing of Andre enchanting, this album is also a bit of an ode to the city of Rotterdam.

‘The compositions of Marlies are like musical paintings and are exceptional talented. Her broad orientation and versatility combined with her boundless ambition does confirm again her qualities’.

Piet Souer – composer and former Board Member of Buma Cultuur
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