I am Marlies du Mosch, composer/pianist.

+31 6 232 064 08

About me

As a composer I am inspired by anything that catches my attention. For example experiences from the daily life as well the connection with people. Art, poetry and film are also an inspiration. Thereby I’m not easy to classify to a specific style. This causes me an enormous freedom to express myself. Something to be proud of.

Composing on request came out to be an unknown source of inspiration. I was surprised to be able to make songs from poetry without rhyme or any musical structure. It helped me to go off the beaten track. The songs I made from the poetry of Ramsey Nasr are performed by the Metropole Orchestra in Paradiso Amsterdam. Featuring Ricky Koole and Viggo Waas.

I never imagined to compose for trumpet until André Heuvelman asked me to write an album for him. This cooperation exceeded my expectations. André did not only bring my music to life but also raised it to a higher level.

‘Composer Marlies du Mosch is capable to capture the complexity of structure and thoughts of Ramsey Nasr in bright song forms, somewhere between pop and chanson. Her melodies are appealing without overruling the lyrics. Especially the more sensitive pieces are hitting in’.

Bob Zimmerman – composer/arranger